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1) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 30 Jan 2014 @ 10:35pm • United States
Thanks to Mikijimi below for his reviews of his latest Enature.net purchases. They are very helpful...Once again though, I believe I will leave the "reviewing" duties to him as I love ALL of the DVDs offered here and could never pick favorites!!

By the way, also thanks so much to Gary, whom is at the helm of the Enature.net site...Today, I just received an e-mail update from him regarding a brand new DVD Naturist offering called "Contest # 17"...Apparently, It was filmed several years ago but just now released. These pageants haven't been held in France for over a decade now but this archived video captures what once was a popular activity in the Naturist resorts of Southern France...Everyone should check out the fantastic new images from this gorgeous new offering which can be found in the "Pageant" section of the site !!

Anyway, thanks once more to Gary at Enature.net for offering all the wonderful Naturist DVDs here (and also for keeping me informed of the new releases), and also much thanks again to my pal Mikijimi from the UK below for his reviews!!

Happy Naturism Everyone!!


2) Mikijimi
Posted: 30 Jan 2014 @ 11:40am • United States
Here are some impressions of my 3 latest purchases, with marks out of 10.

THE FLAGS ARE FLYING HIGH DOWN IN ODESSA- A long title and a lovely film, especially if you like the highly charismatic and delightfully uninhibited Daniel, who really shines here, as does Kodaly, who later went on to star in "Naturist Royal Family Show". By comparison, the girls often seem underwhelmed and bored, but they do have their moments, particularly when, a) there is dancing, and b) when everyone hurtles around splattering body paint all over each other! Unfortunately, some of the indoor shots are dark and grainy, but that does not matter too much as the outdoor scenes are crystal clear and beautifully filmed. Overall, a very enjoyable film. (9/10)

The next 2 films were made by Robert Koch in the Czech Republic in the years immediately following that country's long awaited return to freedom and democracy.

CHRISTMAS PARTY is exactly that, but on a grand scale. A huge crowd congregate and play various games, but many are there to see Santa (and the Devil)! All ages, shapes and sizes are represented here, and some of the younger participants seem to be far more interested in the Devil than in Santa! Picture quality is very good considering that the film is pre-digital and must now be over 20 years old. Everyone has a good time and this DVD is sure to make you smile. (9/10)

NATURIST OLYMPIADA features possibly the biggest crowd of nudists I have ever seen, there must be hundreds! Set in a huge gymnasium, the activities shown include football, aerobics and a massive tug of war. With such a large and diverse cast, there are obviously many very beautiful people to be seen here and as the camera roves around, some stunningly attractive images periodically come into view. Although the picture is not quite as fine as in "Christmas Party", it is nevertheless more than acceptable, and after all, this film is not expensive and runs for 90 minutes. Definitely worth buying. (8/10)

Sadly, in the Czech Republic, as elsewhere, interest in naturism is in sharp decline. In my country it never really took off, but even in former European strongholds like France and Sweden, many naturist resorts and nudist beaches have gone and those that remain are subject to severe restrictions. The basic problem is that whenever a major sex scandal erupts, the resulting media frenzy makes people go ballistic and they start howling for revenge and retribution. Although naturism is never implicated in such scandals, it all too often becomes a sort of sacrificial lamb, an innocent bystander who gets caught in the crossfire. This is totally unjustified and highly offensive to genuine naturists, who must vigorously defend the right to live their lives as they choose. But all is not lost! The glory days may yet return and in the meantime, thanks to the vision and foresight of people like Robert and Vladka Koch and the enterprise and free-minded attitude of Enature/RussianBare, we have been provided with a valuable legacy of a happier time when common sense still prevailed and before the lunatics began to take over the asylum. Bye for now!
3) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 20 Sep 2013 @ 10:39am • United States
Thanks so much to Mikijimi from the UK below for giving his opinions on specific Naturist titles. I, on the other hand, think I will leave the "reviewing" efforts to him, as I love all of the DVDs equally, and could really never pick favorites...I will say though, that an order of mine recently arrived with a very generous bonus DVD, and it was one of the older Russion titles, a section of the Enature films of which I had not delved into yet...and boy, I will tell you, the quality was just as fantastic as the newer titles!! It was a very welcome addition to my collection, and I will definitely be taking advantage of these Russian titles very soon!! It is the 1st video that I have that isn't directed by Peter Dietrich, but I have to say, this videographer definitely knew his Naturist stuff just as well !!...Anyway, I agree with Mikijimi and do hope more folks join in on this discussion board...Don't be shy people!!
4) Mikijimi (united Kingdom)
Posted: 18 Sep 2013 @ 03:47pm •
I have recently received 3 more Enature DVDs and here are my impressions of them with marks out of 10 for each one. NAKED BUT ROYAL(8/10) features the same festival as NATURIST ROYAL FAMILY SHOW(10/10), but held in the following year. Sadly, the whole thing seems to have been somewhat scaled down a bit and the audience is consequently very much smaller, resulting in a slight loss of "atmosphere". This is however still a very good film with some superb contestants. The tiny blond boy who became Prince was eager to have a go at any of the activities and the large number of girl contestants (there were only 2 boys!)were so good that any one of them could have won. DON'T WORRY BE NAKED(10/10) is absolutely brilliant. It scores highly in every department; fantastic nudists(including many familiar faces), a lovely boat trip along the scenic Black Sea coast, body painting using only natural mud and hulla hoop games to name but a few. Highly recommended.
GYMNASTICS, FIRE AND MUDDY FUN(9/10) features some of the same "regular" favorites as the previous film and is nice and varied, with both indoor and outdoor scenes galore and as the title suggests, there is a lot of mud, most of which seems to eventually end up on the nudists!
It amazes and saddens me that many people might well think that lovely films like these are indecent or even pornographic. Let us be quite clear about the differences. Pornography is un-natural, is highly exploitive, is sexually explicit and produces sad, broken victims whose lives often become a living hell. Naturism/Nudism is natural, is totally non-exploitive, has no sexual content and produces happy, contented people with healthy bodies and minds. So, far from being "quite similar" as some would wrongly assume, pornography and naturism actually exist at opposite ends of the moral spectrum.
  • Webmaster Reply: (Posted: September 18 2013 @ 06:42pm)
    Hi MikiJimi, Thank you for the honest and detailed reviews of your latest order and all your previous posts. Very happy to see the feedback as it helps future customers with their selections and gives us direction for future productions.
5) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 17 Sep 2013 @ 09:48am • United States
Yes, Mikijimi, it does indeed seem that everyone is in hiding, except for you and me...I post on this page because I believe Enature.net is a fantastic site, and I'm not afraid to call myself a Naturist. I think part of the reason some folks don't post here is because of the negative stereotypes associated with nudity. They just can't seem to get their minds around the fact that Naturism is in NO WAY pornographic or "dirty". This stigma is ridiculous. The Naturist families shown in these wonderful videos are simply living a way of life that is both beautiful and healthy as well !!!...Since when did swimming, dancing, rock climbing, and body painting become something harmful ??...People can think what they want, but they'll never convince me that Naturism is anything but a beautiful lifestyle, and I will continue to patronize Enature.net because I love coming home from work, popping a Naturist video in, and feel the stress of the day slowly subside from my mind...If more people did that, I believe there would be much less anxiety in this fast paced world...Until then, I want to reiterate that Enature is the absolute BEST site on the web to purchase Naturist videos...and then relax whist viewing them.
  • Webmaster Reply: (Posted: September 18 2013 @ 06:38pm)
    Thank you for your detailed reviews and posts Barry! This is what we hoped to see when the feedback form was created....
6) Mikijimi (united Kingdom)
Posted: 15 Sep 2013 @ 01:25pm •
Where is everybody hiding? It would appear that only my American pal Barry and myself are bothering to post any feedback these days. It would be much better for everyone if more people were to share their views and opinions as these would be of great interest to many others. So please don't be shy and
get involved! It's fun, it's free and any contributions that you make will be much appreciated by all.
7) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 12 Sep 2013 @ 11:06am • United States
Enature.net is STILL the Number 1 place on the web to buy all of your Naturist DVDs !!!
8) Mikijimi (united Kingdom)
Posted: 20 Aug 2013 @ 02:48pm •
Many excellent Naturist films started to flood out of the Czech Republic soon after that beautiful country re-gained its independence and these can still be purchased from Enature in their original format. However, there is another way to enjoy these delights. If you are only really interested in one or the other gender, you can buy compilations of male or female focused highlights taken from the original movies. These are called NATURIST BUDDIES (male) and DAUGHTERS OF THE SUN (female) and each series consists of 7 volumes, each containing specially selected extracts. Of course, there simply is'nt enough space to include every scene from every film, but they have made a pretty good job of including most of the bits that you would'nt want to miss! Although the films are a few years old now, the picture quality is extremely good, much better than I had expected. You are very unlikely to find anything wrong with the content either, and there are some lovely sights to savor. And of course you will save money by buying these because you will only be paying for the sections of film that you actually want to see. So everyone's a winner!
9) Mikijimi (united Kingdom)
Posted: 16 Aug 2013 @ 11:24am •
I have recently received 4 more DVDs from Enature. ATHLETIC SCENES is my first Russian title and I am most impressed. The picture quality is terrific, sharp and clear with wonderful color saturation that makes different skin tones,etc. look ultra-natural. It is just like looking through an open window! The content is good as well and this particular tItle is a compilation of the more masculine highlights from various films. I love the look and "feel" of the Russian films as they have an atmosphere and ambiance all of their own. KNOCKING AT THE DOOR OF PARADISE is one of the lovely Ukrainian gems that benefit from the distinctive cinematic skills of ace photographer Peter Dietrich. It is another sun-drenched saga of body painting, dancing, snake handling(!) and bounce racing to name but a few. There are some familiar faces to be seen as well as some fresh ones. SUMMER SYMPHONY #2 features 4 more self-contained sections each with separate locations and nudists. If I am brutally honest it is'nt the most exciting DVD I've ever seen but it does have its moments and with a price tag of under $30 you can't really go wrong. NATURIST ROYAL FAMILY SHOW Wow! I have saved the best till last! This is just brilliant and is definitely my best purchase so far, which is really saying something considering that I am very happy with all of them and don't regret buying a single one. This film features the annual contest in which various Men, Women, Boys and Girls compete to try and win the title of Naturist King, Queen, Prince or Princess, respectively. As well as the eventual winners, we see many other contestants too and they have to perform all sorts of tasks and address the huge audience over the P.A. system. There are some seriously gorgeous scenes in this movie that will blow you away. Let me close by giving you 3 words of advice - BUY THIS FILM! Trust me on this, you will not regret it and by the way it runs for 78 minutes (the main feature, there are no previews). Bye for now and enjoy!
10) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 28 Jul 2013 @ 06:19pm • United States
To Mikijimi from the UK: No need to thank me mate...As I said, WHATEVER titles you decide to order from Enature.net, you will always get FANTASTIC quality DVDs and TREMENDOUS customer service!! I've currently got a huge basket full of stuff that I will be ordering soon. I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the Naturist videos that you have ordered thus far...And unfortunately Yes, I do hear what you are saying when you speak of the lack of acceptance of Naturism and public nudity in the UK. The same lack of acceptance goes on here in the States as well. Man, if people would just loosen up a bit more and realize that Naturism is not pornography, and that the human body is a very beautiful thing, then maybe there would be more peace in this world of ours...but I guess there will undoubtedly always be those that feel nudity is "dirty"...Luckily though, we have more and more people all the time who are embracing the Naturist lifestyle, and again, I'm glad to see that you are one of them, and that you have discovered this wonderful site full of beautiful videos of beautiful people...Fill your basket full of DVDs just like me, and I promise, you'll never regret ANY purchase you make here on Enature.net !!!...Cheers mate, Barry S. Wilson
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