Previews #3 and #4

Two hours of trailers of 25 nudist lifestyle titles not seen in Nudist Previews 1 & 2. Two days, two groups of naturists at the gym, visits to more naturist families in the intimacy of their homes, energetic activities at two public swimming pools, a dance social, body painting, sports competitions, skinny dipping beach crowds, yoga class, a day at the spa, family pageant, ballet class, a variety of parties, a talent show and a hands-on massage class. Sport Rally 94, Halloween Party, Bodywork/Touch 94, Family Portraits #1, Christmas Family Portraits, Europa Swimming Pool, FKK Dance Mixer, Country Cottage Naturists, Natura Talent Revue, Body Painting 93, Bratislava 91, Czechoslavakia 91, Family Portraits #2, Capkarna Swimming Pool, FKK Workout, Regenerace Spa, Ritmico Dance Studio-Aerobics, V.P. Garden Party, Havirov Pool Party, Antosovice Pageant, Yoga Class, Ballet & Jazz Class, Relaxation Class, Massage Class, Natours KFT 91. Includes Junior Miss Pageant bonus footage.
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120 minutes

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