Previews #1 and #2

Two full hours of non-stop trailers of twenty-nine different nudist lifestyle/family naturist titles. Nudist families at home, sports, beauty pageants, parties, dance, talent show, exercise, beach, summer camp, body painting, and celebrations. An introduction to Europe's embrace of clothes-free recreation. Happy Birthday Petra, Holiday Youth Party, Naturist Olympiada, Families Across the Sea #1, Womens Water Workout, Europa Friends and Family, Christmas Jamboree, Northern Czechoslavakia 91, Karvina Plage 91. Festival of Masks, Happy Nude Year, Sun-Fit Competitions, Holiday Families at Home, Families Across the Sea #2, Camp Nudist, FKK Family Album, Body Art Jamboree, Masquerade Carnival, Christmas Party, Antosovice 91, Musov Mala Laguna 91. Includes Junior Miss Pageant bonus footage.
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120 minutes

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