The Gods Must Be Naked

- The beach at Koktebel, in southern Crimea, has long been associated with naturism, and for many decades naturists have co-existed peacefully with the textiles who frequent this busy seaside resort every summer.
But this summer of 2004 was to be slightly different, as a group of naturists from St Petersburg, in Russia, decided to stage a Naturist Sea Festival in Koktebel, with a kind of theatrical performance scripted by Irina, with a lot of help from her friends and associates. KCN were invited to record the whole event on video, and this film is the result of all those efforts and all the fun that went on before and during the show.
So now see for yourselves the dozens of painters and models as they prepare for the performance, and then watch all the chaos and the serious comedy as they act out the story of ancient Greek and Roman Gods in front of a mixed textile-naturist audience of hundreds. And as is only fitting in a naturist show, of course, the Gods must be naked!
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60 minutes

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