Naked USA: Florida Part 2

The introductory sequence ponders on the way non-naturists impose body shame on young children, and how it affects their development. Then it's off to Sunsport Gardens at Loxahatchee, a small family club with good facilities.

The Seminole Health Club at a town called Davie, near Fort Lauderdale, has a simple rustic atmosphere. One of the permanent residents sings his own song, "Davie USA" while we explore the club and watch activities in the pool.

The next stop is at Joie de Vivre, where the "largest and most luxurious nudist resort in America" is being developed on 111 acres at Land o' Lakes near Tampa. (I think the name must have changed since the video was made, because the INF World Guide has the Riverboat Club with 111 acres at Land o' Lakes.)

Moving on, we come to Sunny Sands Resort at Pierson, near Daytona Beach. This is truly a family resort. A long game of frisby golf is followed by happy shots of children playing in the pool and climbing trees, an interview with an elderly couple, volleyball, shuffle board, and other activities.

Perhaps the best-known resort in Florida is Paradise Lakes near Tampa. David gives us a sequence of two young women rowing a canoe on the lake, then we go back to the luxury home of the resort's owner.
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