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1) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 22 Mar 2017 @ 11:01pm • United States
To "Antonio" below: It is indeed the next best thing to being there my friend !!
2) Antonio Chavez
Posted: 8 Dec 2016 @ 09:38pm • United States
It's best next thing to being there.
3) Running Bare
Posted: 3 Dec 2016 @ 05:08pm • United States
Just recently acquired "Let's Have More Naked Fun" and "A Little Dash of the Brush". Like the many videos before them, I found them very satisfying, beautiful to say the least. If I have any complaints, it's that they are not cheap enough for me to order lots more.
Hats off to the work of Peter Dietrich and his many naturist friends! They are beautiful. I can't help but almost feel that they are a part of me, watching them grow over the years. I often wonder, considering the political upheaval recently in the Ukraine and Crimea, how the kids are faring and their parents. It's my sincerest hope that they are doing well, them and their children, and continue working with Peter, enjoying the freedom to enjoy life as they love it.
If I can give any suggestions to Peter, I think it would be a novel idea to produce some films, maybe with his present friends, that actually tell a story, something with a plot, a little drama. What do you think?
Thanks for such good work. I will look forward to your future and enjoying more of it.
4) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 1 Apr 2015 @ 10:44pm • United States
To Rob below: Excellent "Pageant" suggestions man !! I'm sure John (or anyone else interested in this category) would get great satisfaction from viewing ANY of the fantastic Pageant DVDs here on Enature.net !!

Besides the "Pageant" videos, I also highly recommend any of the "Ukrainian" DVDs, and also ones from the "Sports" category, such as "Czech Mates" and "Gymnastics, Fire and Fun".

No matter what you choose, in whatever category you're most interested in, rest assured that with Enature.net, you will receive the highest-quality Naturist DVDs available on the World Wide Web, bar none !!

Barry :)
5) Rob Smith
Posted: 8 Mar 2015 @ 05:32am •
Further to Barry's suggestion to John below, I would also recommend contests #7, #8, #11 and #15 in particular. The contestants are all absolutely fantastic, so you can only imagine how amazing the winners are! The winners of both #7 and #11 also feature in #15. If you buy any of one these contests, or indeed #17 as Barry mentioned, you will be very happy I assure you.

6) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 12 Feb 2015 @ 11:01pm • United States
To John Below: You really can't go wrong with ANY of the pageant DVDs here on eNature.net !!...(Or any of the other DVDs as well...They are all fantastic !!!)

But if I were to go with just 1 pageant DVD though, it would probably be the newest one, released just last year, called "Contest 17".

Just a suggestion, but as I said above, you can't go wrong with ANY of the Naturist DVDs here on eNature.net !!!

Barry :)
7) John Guerin
Posted: 30 Oct 2014 @ 04:41pm • United States
I thoughly enjoyed most of the pagents. They were entertaining as well as being eye appealing and educational . I'm trying to talk myself into which to order.
8) Cherokee
Posted: 23 Aug 2014 @ 04:31pm • United States
I've acquired several of your video presentations and have never been disappointed. Though some I have liked better, the most recent two, "Rolling Down the River" and "Where the Sun Lights the Fires" were excellent as was "Let's Have a Naked Ball". Are the rest all alike? My applaud to Peter Dietrich and his work and the whole grouping of his naturist friends, young and old. They are beautiful.
Also, I pray all the happiness, well being and safety of all of our friends in the Ukraine and Crimea. It's a pleasure to watch them grow and mature. Almost like family!
9) Barry S. Wilson
Posted: 30 Jan 2014 @ 10:35pm • United States
Thanks to Mikijimi below for his reviews of his latest Enature.net purchases. They are very helpful...Once again though, I believe I will leave the "reviewing" duties to him as I love ALL of the DVDs offered here and could never pick favorites!!

By the way, also thanks so much to Gary, whom is at the helm of the Enature.net site...Today, I just received an e-mail update from him regarding a brand new DVD Naturist offering called "Contest # 17"...Apparently, It was filmed several years ago but just now released. These pageants haven't been held in France for over a decade now but this archived video captures what once was a popular activity in the Naturist resorts of Southern France...Everyone should check out the fantastic new images from this gorgeous new offering which can be found in the "Pageant" section of the site !!

Anyway, thanks once more to Gary at Enature.net for offering all the wonderful Naturist DVDs here (and also for keeping me informed of the new releases), and also much thanks again to my pal Mikijimi from the UK below for his reviews!!

Happy Naturism Everyone!!


10) Mikijimi
Posted: 30 Jan 2014 @ 11:40am • United States
Here are some impressions of my 3 latest purchases, with marks out of 10.

THE FLAGS ARE FLYING HIGH DOWN IN ODESSA- A long title and a lovely film, especially if you like the highly charismatic and delightfully uninhibited Daniel, who really shines here, as does Kodaly, who later went on to star in "Naturist Royal Family Show". By comparison, the girls often seem underwhelmed and bored, but they do have their moments, particularly when, a) there is dancing, and b) when everyone hurtles around splattering body paint all over each other! Unfortunately, some of the indoor shots are dark and grainy, but that does not matter too much as the outdoor scenes are crystal clear and beautifully filmed. Overall, a very enjoyable film. (9/10)

The next 2 films were made by Robert Koch in the Czech Republic in the years immediately following that country's long awaited return to freedom and democracy.

CHRISTMAS PARTY is exactly that, but on a grand scale. A huge crowd congregate and play various games, but many are there to see Santa (and the Devil)! All ages, shapes and sizes are represented here, and some of the younger participants seem to be far more interested in the Devil than in Santa! Picture quality is very good considering that the film is pre-digital and must now be over 20 years old. Everyone has a good time and this DVD is sure to make you smile. (9/10)

NATURIST OLYMPIADA features possibly the biggest crowd of nudists I have ever seen, there must be hundreds! Set in a huge gymnasium, the activities shown include football, aerobics and a massive tug of war. With such a large and diverse cast, there are obviously many very beautiful people to be seen here and as the camera roves around, some stunningly attractive images periodically come into view. Although the picture is not quite as fine as in "Christmas Party", it is nevertheless more than acceptable, and after all, this film is not expensive and runs for 90 minutes. Definitely worth buying. (8/10)

Sadly, in the Czech Republic, as elsewhere, interest in naturism is in sharp decline. In my country it never really took off, but even in former European strongholds like France and Sweden, many naturist resorts and nudist beaches have gone and those that remain are subject to severe restrictions. The basic problem is that whenever a major sex scandal erupts, the resulting media frenzy makes people go ballistic and they start howling for revenge and retribution. Although naturism is never implicated in such scandals, it all too often becomes a sort of sacrificial lamb, an innocent bystander who gets caught in the crossfire. This is totally unjustified and highly offensive to genuine naturists, who must vigorously defend the right to live their lives as they choose. But all is not lost! The glory days may yet return and in the meantime, thanks to the vision and foresight of people like Robert and Vladka Koch and the enterprise and free-minded attitude of Enature/RussianBare, we have been provided with a valuable legacy of a happier time when common sense still prevailed and before the lunatics began to take over the asylum. Bye for now!